These Sixth Form guidelines are based on how a professional man or woman would be expected to dress for his or her work. In other words, the student should be smart, well presented and business like.

Given the importance of these guidelines, please contact the school if you have any doubts as to whether an item is acceptable.

Boys and girls must wear a plain conventional tailored black suit (no pinstripes and matching jacket and trousers/skirt). Girls’ skirts must be to the knee. Full length trouser suits may be worn.

Boys: Plain white with collar.
Girls: A plain white blouse with short or long sleeves and collar. Girls’ blouses must not be low cut or reveal midriff or underwear.

Male: Sixth Form ties – are available from school or from Clive Mark Schoolwear, Newcastle.
Female students are not to wear ties.

Optional, plain black (V neck to reveal tie for boys, blouse must be worn underneath V neck jumper for girls). Jumpers must not be zip-up, or hooded tops. No logos. No cardigans

Black shoes, not boots, simple, formal not fashion. Trainers must not be worn outside games activities.

Outdoor coats may be of any colour/style but they must be smart and practical. Denim or leather jackets must not be worn. Coats must not be worn indoors.

Hair must be smart and well presented. No obvious colours or highlights. Boys’ hair should look like that of a young professional i.e. it should not go over the collar or obscure the face. Boys’ faces should be clean shaven.

Make up:
Girls may wear discreet make-up.

Scarves must be black and must not be worn around school.

Only plain, simple and discreet jewellery is allowed. No coloured beads allowed.

No fashion belts permitted.

The only permitted piercing is one in each ear lobe for girls.

Success Stories

  • Kurtis Skellern

    Kurtis Skellern

    Kurtis Skellern from May Bank, Newcastle, joined our Sixth Form after completing his GCSEs at Wolstanton high school. After working incredibly hard for 2 years and having his sights set on Oxford University, his dream of reading Law at Oxford is now a reality. Kurtis gained AAA grades in his Economics, History and Politics A Levels.
  • Sheeru Shamsi

    Sheeru Shamsi

    Sheeru Shamsi from Meir, Stoke on Trent, joined our Sixth Form after a period of ill health and home schooling. His personal determination and academic rigour have enabled him to gain entry into Keele university after he gained incredible grades of A*AA in Maths, Further maths and Chemistry.
  • Caitlin Hurst

    Caitlin Hurst

    Caitlin Hurst from Basford, Newcastle, joined St Joseph’s College in Year 7 and chose English Literature, Politics and History for her Sixth Form studies. She has undertaken a variety of whole-school activities, including a visit to Sierra Leone on immersion, and has gained an incredible set of A Level results; A*A*A. She has accepted a place at Durham University to study Law.
  • Rose Sedgwick

    Rose Sedgwick

    Rose Sedgwick from Newcastle has been through St Joseph’s College from the beginning of Year 7 and has had a life-long ambition to become a vet. After gaining a wide variety of relevant work experience and working hard to secure her grades of A*AA in Biology, Chemistry and Geography, she will now move to Liverpool university to study Veterinary science.
  • Serena Church

    Serena Church

    Serena Church from Endon, Staffordshire came into the sixth form after going through the school from Year 7. An aspiring medic, and a well-respected member of our school community, she has now secured her place at Leeds University to study medicine after gaining AAA in Biology, Chemistry and maths
  • Peter Handy

    Peter Handy

    Peter Handy from Stone, Staffordshire, joined our sixth form after completing his GCSEs at Alleyne’s High School in Stone. He has been an incredible asset to our school, not least to our physics department and after achieving an incredible set results; AAAA in maths, Further Maths, Chemistry and Physics, he is off to Nottingham University to study physics.


Of our students achieved 5 GCSEs at grades 4 or greater, including English and mathematics in 2018.


Of our A2 students pass their courses, with 54% achieving A* to B grades.


Many of our A2 students go on to the most demanding university courses, with 35% going on to Russell Group universities.


St. Joseph’s College is delighted to have maintained its ‘Outstanding’ status at its most recent Ofsted inspection in 2014.