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Teaching School

Making a difference through dynamic partnership.

As a partnership we believe teachers and leaders should never stop learning and never stop trying to improve their professional standards. Successful classroom teaching is about engaging and enthusing the young inquiring mind and going beyond the demands of public examinations, giving pupils a lifelong fascination for the subject and a strong sense of social justice, as well as a set of qualifications they will need for both tertiary education and the world of work.

The core aim for St Joseph’s Teaching School Alliance is for the teachers and leaders who work in Stoke to be among the very best in the country. There are many difficult challenges in the city’s classrooms but together we can continue to drive up standards.

St. Joseph’s College Teaching School Alliance works in 6 key areas:

  • Initial Teacher Training (ITT)
  • CPD/Leadership Development (Including our Chair of Governors’ Leadership Development Programme)
  • SLEs (Specialist Leaders of Education)
  • Research and Development
  • Succession PlanningSchool to School support
  • School to School support


Of our students achieved  English and mathematics GCSEs at grades 4 or greater (secure pass).


Of our students achieved English and mathematics GCSEs at grades 5 or greater (good pass).


Of all grades achieved at GCSE were grade 7 or higher.

Of all grades achieved at GCSE were grade 7 or higher.


Of our students achieved grade 7 or higher in 5 or more GCSE subjects.


Of our A2 students pass their courses, with 62% achieving A* to B grades, and 32% achieving A* or A grades.


St. Joseph’s College is delighted to have maintained its ‘Outstanding’ status at its most recent Ofsted inspection in 2014.