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“The SCITT provides excellent care and support for trainees, from the point of recruitment through to finding employment at the end of the course.” OFSTED 2019

Bespoke research led training programme

All trainees work on a bespoke training plan.

The centralised training on Wednesday’s takes place in the purpose-built training room at St. Joseph’s College, and is based on up-to-date educational research. Sessions are delivered by a range of Specialist Leaders of Education from across the partnership, and trainees are expected to reflect on these sessions, alongside their mentors, in their placement schools.

The calendar of sessions evolves according to the latest research, but also on the needs of the cohort. We offer wraparound support for trainees, helping you evidence the eight Teacher Standards in order to achieve QTS.

Ofsted Report (2019):’ The SCITT’s centralised training programme…has been thoroughly constructed to ensure that trainees are well prepared for what is required of them in their placement schools. Mentors in placement schools build upon and add to this training well. Consequently, as the year progresses, trainees develop increasing confidence and expertise’.