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Life as a trainee teacher

Lucy McConaghy

SCITT Training: 2015-16

Current Role: Literacy Co-ordinator, Teacher of English

Why Teaching?

Maternity leave gave me a good opportunity to sit back and take stock of my achievements in a career in another field, but also to think about what I was lacking.  I wanted a job working with young people, hoping to inspire in them a similar love for my subject that I feel.  I also wanted to feel every day like I could make a difference to someone’s life. 

Why SJC SCITT teacher training?

After exploring the available options, I felt that a school based route was best for me as it provides the opportunity to fully immerse yourself within a school community and in the role of a teacher from the outset, with real responsibilities.  I also felt it would be realistic preparation for the daily life of a teacher once qualified.  I knew St Josephs by reputation and was impressed with my interactions with the SCITT team during the application process. 


What are the rewards of the course? 

Fully immersed within and considered a part of a school from Day 1, spending every day with like-minded people passionate about making a difference, and of course the young people you encounter and have the privilege to teach and get to know! 


What are the challenges of the course?

Managing a fairly full workload whilst still learning and honing your teaching skills can be challenging at times. On a personal level aspects of the course are some of he hardest things I have done, in terms of learning from mistakes. 


Describe the support you received during your training with SJC SCITT.

My subject and professional mentors in both school placements were always supportive and encouraged me to take risks and develop my own teaching style.  There was a realisation of the competing demands of undertaking the training programme as a working parent, and support and advice was always available.  This advice has continued in a professional capacity from applying for first roles to continued professional development post-SCITT.  


What leadership opportunities has the SCITT prepared you for since qualifying?

The SCITT gave me opportunities to take on responsibility and lead even as a trainee teacher. For me this included things like preparing department-wide lessons for special events, involvement in organising trips and planning whole schemes of work, which has been useful preparation for the role of 2nd in department.  Since you are regarded as a full member of staff from the outset, your ideas are respected and you are given opportunities to succeed. 


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