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Dress Code

The St Joseph’s College uniform is a central part of our school’s culture and we encourage all pupils to take pride in their appearance and value the sense of identity that their uniform provides.

These Sixth Form guidelines are based on how a professional would be expected to dress for work. In other words, the student should be smart, well presented and business like.

Suit: Students must wear a plain conventional tailored black suit (no pinstripes). It should be a matching jacket and trousers/skirt.
Skirts must be lined (no Lycra) and reach the top of the knee. Trouser suits may be worn (no cropped or capri trousers).

Shirt/Blouse: Plain white shirt or blouse with a collar. Short or long sleeves.

Ties: Male students must wear a Sixth Form tie (available from Clive Mark Schoolwear, Newcastle, Smart Uniform, Newcastle and National Schoolwear, Hanley).

Jumpers: In addition, students can wear an optional, plain V neck black jumper (to reveal tie). Jumpers must not be zip-up or hooded tops. No logos. No cardigans.

Shoes: Black shoes that are simple and formal. Trainers must not be worn outside of games activities.

Coats: Outdoor coats may be of any colour but they must be smart. Coats must not be worn indoors. No denim or leather coats permitted.



• Hair: Hair must be smart, well presented and look like that of a young professional. There should be no obvious, unnatural colours and highlights must be discreet. Hair should not be shaved at a zero grading. Students may keep a neat beard.

• Make up: Discreet make-up may be worn. No eyelash extensions.

• Scarves: Hijab must be plain black (or plain white in hot weather if preferred).
Winter scarves must not be worn indoors.

• Jewellery: Only plain, simple and discreet jewellery is allowed.

• Belts: Simple black belts only.

• Piercings: No facial piercings are permitted. Only one pair of discreet earrings can be worn in the ear lobes (i.e. no bars, stretchers, plugs or retainers).

Given the importance of these guidelines, please contact the school if you have any doubts as to whether an item is acceptable. School maintain the ability to uphold standards and challenge any egregious interpretations of the code of dress.


Success Stories

Best ever GCSE results!


Of our students achieved  English and mathematics GCSEs at grades 4 or greater (secure pass).


Of our students achieved English and mathematics GCSEs at grades 5 or greater (good pass).


Of all grades achieved at GCSE were grade 7 or higher.


Of our students achieved grade 7 or higher in 5 or more GCSE subjects.


Of our students were entered for the EBACC


St. Joseph’s College is graded ‘Outstanding’ by Ofsted.